Vol. 39, Issue No. 2
May 2016

The Oaks
Forklift, Ohio
Issue No. 33
Fall 2016

The Brothers Broad Traveling Band
Vol. 1, Issue No. 1
Nov. 2013

The Bridge
Five Chapters
May 2013

Come Back to Me, Baby
Iowa Review
Vol. 43 Issue No. 2
Aug. 2013

The American Book of the Dead (excerpt)
Wag’s Revue
Issue 12
Spring 2012

Reflector Scope
Mississippi Review
Vol. 40, Issue No. 3
Feb. 2013

The Have Nots
Carolina Quarterly
Vol. 61, Issue No. 1
Spring 2011

Interviews & Profiles

A Debut Author’s New Take on Race: a Profile of
Kaitlyn Greenidge

Publisher’s Weekly
Mar. 25, 2016                          

An Interview with Angela Flournoy
American Short Fiction
Nov. 10, 2015          

Two Lives: A Profile of Charles Belfoure
Publishers Weekly
Jul. 24, 2015

The Dirty Secret of
Rogers Forge: A Q&A
with Don Lee
The Baltimore Fishbowl
Apr. 27, 2022